A hand grabbing paper money
A hand grabbing paper money

Especially now that we’re in the middle of a crisis, a large part of the world is grappling with how much the state ought to help people, how much they should spend on it, and who should ultimately pay.

You don’t have to spend too long on Twitter to find examples of people complaining about the supposed high taxes of other countries and vowing that America should never become like that. A common refrain is that the Democrats want to reach into your pay check and take your money, money which is rightfully yours, which you earned.

This narrative is…

There is a minor storm brewing on the Dutch Airline company KLM’s Twitter feed currently, after a woman was asked to cover herself and her baby with a blanket whilst breastfeeding.

Shelby Angel was asked to cover up by a flight attendant during the a flight between San Francisco and Amsterdam. KLM later clarified its position on Twitter, stating that breastfeeding was “permitted” onboard, but they may request a mother to cover herself to avoid offending “passengers of all backgrounds”.

They are ostensibly trying to argue that as an international airline with passengers from many different countries and social…

The ADHD control panel (Dani Donovan)

Most people I’ve told other than those who know me particularly well (e.g., my wife, my twin brother) have been rather surprised, with responses ranging from “but you’re not hyper” to “but you did well in school”.

Here in the UK, the prevailing attitude is that ADHD is largely made up by the Americans to excuse their kids’ shitty behaviour, or to give them an excuse to dose their kids up with drugs to get them to be less annoying. Also, thanks to various depictions in popular media, people hear “ADHD” and think “SQUIRREL!!”.

Before I got my diagnosis, I…

Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash

Money is the most awkward subject when you first start out as a freelancer. Probably you’ve got a huge dose of impostor syndrome, and some of the figures you’re wanting to ask for don’t even seem reasonable to you. How do you charge what you’re worth?

To illustrate my points, I’m going to use the example of after school tuition, since it’s quite a simple business model. …

Photo by Jonathan Brinkhorst on Unsplash

Scots, the language spoken mostly in lowland Scotland, has some words which bear a striking resemblance to words in modern Swedish.

I grew up around Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Basically everyone I know from there speak varying amounts of the Scots language, depending on the exact area they’re from, their parents, their socio-economic background, and even who they’re currently speaking to, even if they’re not aware of it.

Most people don’t regard it as a separate language — it’s just “slang” English to them. I didn’t come to fully appreciate Scots as a distinct thing until I met…

Stewart Everett

30 year-old Glasgow-born creative, figuring out life one day at a time — ♡ cats, coffee, hops

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